“Make 1 CRITICAL Change to Get More Clicks, Leads, and Sales FLOODING IN Like Never Before

Do You Feel Like Your Online Ads and Website Pages
Should Be Getting You MORE Leads and Sales?

They probably should be… but do you know WHY?

Most business owners are so busy they don’t have time to focus on one, particular thing and learn it to an expert level. They’re too busy putting out fires and running their business.

So when it comes to advertising, they often just sort of “wing it” and hope for the best. Sometimes it works and sometimes… not so much. Some of your ads may work well, for a while but maybe that’s just luck.

And any business owner is probably thinking...

“Hey, I’m better than my competition. Where is the traffic?”

If that all sounds about right, then let’s improve one important thing to get TONS more clicks on your ads – because the problem might not be your website or landing page.

It’s the HEADLINE that gets people to click… yes, the headline.

A Good Headline Can Make a 500% Difference in Clickthrough Rates

That’s like going from 200 clicks to 1,000 clicks on a campaign. A headline can do THAT much.

If you haven’t had a headline professionally made for your ad or webpage, there’s a good chance the headline is the problem.

AND when you split test headlines to find which one converts the best, you’ve just radically changed how you market online… it then works like it should.

Expertly crafted headlines just plain work harder for your business.

A Shocking 80% of Your Audience Doesn’t Get Past
Your Headline – Let’s Fix That!

They read your headline and… just… stop. They stop reading and move on to the next thing. Your message is long gone because they never even clicked to see your message or they went to your website and left right away.

That’s no way to advertise.

That’s kind of like nobody walking into your store or people walking in and immediately turning around.

Instead of them running away, how about getting them to want to come in and find out more?

How much of a difference would that make to your advertising efforts and business?

A good headline should:

  • Grab attention
  • Tell people what’s in it for THEM
  • Connect with the audience / relate to them
  • Compel people to click and find out more (that’s where you come in)

And there’s a whole bunch of psychology involved in making all of that happen. Your competition may even be using these techniques and have an unfair advantage over you.

Let’s finally get you some good headlines to practically
FORCE people to WANT to find out more about what you offer.

Our Headlines Work

Check out the before and after of some headlines we GREATLY improved:

Instead of you taking lots of your own time to learn all the intricacies of how to create headlines that convert traffic into clicks, leads, and sales… leave it to the professionals.

We will write your headlines and you run your business... managing all the leads and sales.

The Plan is Simple...

Send us your existing webpage, sales page, or ad and we’ll send you back better headlines. Send one headline for multiple versions or send the amount of headlines you're purchasing and get one version back for each... it's up to you.

Most people send one headline and we send them back the 3 or 5 different versions to split test.

Landing Pages
Give us your product/service, and we’ll give you back 5 headlines, sub-headlines, and copy for the entire written sales page (no design, around 2,500 words).

3 Headlines: $125

5 Headlines: $150

1 Full Landing Page: $1,999

Note: You will place your order at SimplyOne.Marketing.

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